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Project Description




Design III

The state-of-the-art and comfortable ship with 82 outside cabins was built according to the “TwinCruiser design”, which has several advantages for charterers as well as passengers. By separating the propulsion from the passenger unit, passengers benefit from extremely comfortable and quiet cruising. Thanks to this structural design, the WT SAPPHIRE furthermore features almost exclusively cabins with French balconies. Four luxurious suites with marble bathroom and double beds diagonally facing the windows allow for optimized yield management. The various public areas and the generous two-deck lobby with a glass dome convey that special feel-good factor to passengers.

Year built: 2006
renovated in 2018
Registered in: Switzerland
Length/width: 135 x 11.4 m
Decks: 4
Cabins: 82 (including 2 suites)
Passengers: 164 maximum


Sun deck

  1. Propulsion unit with wheelhouse
  2. Hotel unit
  3. Guest area with seating and lounging furniture
  4. Sun shade sail

Upper deck

  1. Hairdresser/Beauty salon
  2. Internet café
  3. Guide’s cabin/Desk
  4. Library
  5. Panoramic lounge with bar
  6. separate descending stairway to the restaurant

Middle deck

  1. Reception
  2. Lobby with shop display windows
  3. Restaurant
  4. separate descending stairway to the panoramic lounge

Main deck

  1. Fitness